On August 2, 2018 a meeting of employees of the West Kazakhstan Regional Department of Veterinary Medicine with the Authorized Representative for Ethics of the WKO Akim Office Zhumagazieva Zhanar Duisengalievna was held.


During the meeting the "Ethical Code of Civil Servants of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Rules of Service Ethics of Civil Servants)", approved by President  Decree No. 153 as of December 29, 2015, was discussed in full. Common standards for behavior, standards for behavior during off-duty hours, standards for behavior in official relations, standards for behavior associated with public speaking, including in the media, were considered. The attention of those present was stressed on the mandatory performance of these standards by civil servants.

Particular attention was paid to the need to implement comprehensive measures aimed at strengthening public confidence to state bodies, forming a high culture of relations in the civil service and preventing cases of unethical behavior of civil servants.